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Chinese Zodiac Plus

4.6 ( 2576 ratings )
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Forfatter: Euromedia Company SRL
2.99 USD

Based on the birth date and gender, this application calculates the chinese zodiac sign, the stem, the zodiac element, the element that is creating, exhausting and destroying you, the form and colors that are benefic for you. Furthermore, you get informations about the other zodiac signs that are compatible and incompatible with you, the favorable planet, the favorable season, the organs you should take care of and a description of you character.

The application is showing very clear if you can trust the next employee, if you will have a good relationship with the new boss or if the color in your home suits you. It is also a very good tool for the Feng Shui enthusiasts.

For the Feng Shui consultant the app shows also the facing direction.

The application is based on the chinese calendar and the circle of the elements.